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Zuma: Svetlograd

Zuma: Svetlograd is an addictive puzzle game that takes you to the magical city of Svetlograd. This city is attacked by hordes of hostile creatures that try to destroy its beauty and peace. You, as the hero, must rise to the occasion and protect Svetlograd from danger.

Your main objective is to destroy all enemies before they reach the city center.To do this, you will have to use your strategic skills and the magic orb you have. This orb is capable of firing multi-colored orbs that explode when you make a group of three or more of the same color.

During the game, you'll have to think fast and make strategic decisionsas the hostile creatures close in faster and faster. You also need to be precise in your aiming and shooting so you don't give them a chance to overpower you. As you earn points, you'll unlock new magical powers and upgrades to aid you in battle.

The levels of the game are designed to be varied and challenging.You will have to face different types of enemies and discover their weak points in order to successfully defeat them. Not only shooting skills are important here, but also the ability to think quickly and plan your next moves. Are you ready for this challenge?

Zuma: Svetlograd also offers a multiplayer mode where you can compete with other players online. Can you prove your skills and earn the title of the most talented defender of Svetlograd?

Get ready for an amazing adventure in Zuma: Svetlograd and become a hero who will save the magical city from destruction. Are you ready for this challenge? Join the game now and find out!

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