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Zuma Revenge

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Zuma Revenge
Zuma Revenge

Zuma Revenge - Game rules and controls

game description Zuma Revenge

Inca civilization was the basis of many cultures and beliefs. Their main deity was the sun god Inti, son of the creator god Wirakoczy and the goddess of the sea Mama Cocha. But when people angered the god, Inti decided to send the terrible and terrifying monster Zuma, with the appearance of a huge sinister skull, to earth. Then the chief priest begged the moon goddess to help her subjects. The mighty goddess sent for help a great holy frog. In the game "Zuma Revenge" you will save the Incas from the inevitable death in the fight against the skull of the revenge of the god Inti. But the game will not be literal. Zuma feeds on sacred bullets to feed on the energy of the sun, if it does not receive even one bullet, its power will be exhausted and it will be forced to return to the underworld. You must stop Zuma from eating holy balls. To destroy energy balls, you must shoot them with balls of the same colors, when you combine three or more, energy will accumulate and the balls will explode. And thus the big skull will not get food.

You can play this online game only on a computer or laptop.

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