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ZS Dead Detective - Roving Eyes

In the game "ZS Dead Detective - Roving Eyes" we play the role of detective ZS, who is an extraordinary investigative spirit. Our task is to solve mysterious crimes that take place in the town of Deadsville. What distinguishes our hero from other detectives? Well, ZS has the ability "Roving Eyes", i.e. moving eyes that allow him to see what no one else can see.

In the game, we move around various locations in Deadsville, looking for clues and solving puzzles. With Roving Eyes, ZS can see hidden objects, read the minds of other characters, and discover vital information. This is an extremely useful tool that allows us to get closer to solving the case. However, the town is not short of difficulties, and dark secrets and dangerous criminals make our task difficult.

During the game, we have to collect evidence, talk to suspects, analyze found items and solve logical puzzles. The better we use the "Roving Eyes" ability and our deductive skills, the closer we are to discovering the truth. Will we be able to solve all the crimes and uncover the secrets of the town of Deadsville?

ZS Dead Detective - Roving Eyes is an addictive game that allows us to move into the world of detective puzzles and paranormal powers. Are you ready for an adventure full of secrets and dangers? Uncover the truth about Deadsville and prove that ZS is the best detective spirit in the universe.

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