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Zoo Feeder

Zoo Feeder is an addictive game in which we play the role of a guardian of animals in a zoo. Our goal is to feed and care for a wide variety of animals to keep them healthy and happy.

Zoo Feeder offers a wide variety of animals, from small mammals to impressive predators. Each animal has its own unique food preferences that we must cater for. We must ensure that their diet is diverse by preparing the right meals to ensure they have a healthy and balanced diet.

In Zoo Feeder we also have to take care of the right living conditions for the animals. We need to keep their runs clean, provide them with enough space and access to fresh water. This requires our constant attention and attention to detail.

While playing Zoo Feeder we can earn points and promotions, which allows us to unlock new animals and additional elements for the zoo. We can also participate in various challenges and mini-games that test our skills and knowledge about animals.

In Zoo Feeder we can also invite our friends to visit our zoo and help us take care of the animals. We can also compete with them to see who is the best pet sitter.

To sum up, Zoo Feeder is an exciting game that allows us to take on the role of a zookeeper. Our task is to feed and care for various species of animals, ensuring their health and happiness. Join our virtual zoo and show how good an animal keeper you are!

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