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Zombie Trigger

Zombie Trigger is a dynamic and exciting game that is sure to grab the attention of horror and zombie lovers. Become one of the survivors of the apocalypse and fight the mutated creatures that roam the world. Can you survive in this dangerous world?

Become the hero and discover mysterious cities, abandoned airports and factories where danger lurks at every turn. Survive against hordes of zombies who want to kill you at all costs. Collect weapons and ammo to increase your chances of survival.

Playing Zombie Trigger you will feel the adrenaline and excitement of fighting creatures that were once human. You must be quick and decisive to survive in this dangerous world. Will you be able to gain enough skills and stamina to overcome all the obstacles?

Zombie Trigger offers many different missions and tasks that you must complete to advance to the next level. The game also has a multiplayer mode where you can fight against other players from around the world. Can you become the best fighter in the world of Zombie Trigger?

Zombie Trigger is a combination of amazing graphics and sound that will put you in the unpleasant atmosphere of the zombie apocalypse. Feeling the adrenaline already? Get ready to fight and enter the world of Zombie Trigger now!

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