Kizi Mizi: Zombie Massacre

Zombie Massacre

In the world of Zombie Massacre, a zombie apocalypse has engulfed the entire planet. A small group of survivors must now face the hordes of the undead and survive in this unforgiving reality.

The main character, John, is a tough war veteran. He's been through a lot already, but this fight is different. He must muster his skills and courage to destroy every zombie in his path.

Players assume the role of John and travel through gloomy cities filled with terror. They must fight against hordes of the undead using a variety of weapons such as machine guns and bows.

On the way, they meet other survivors who can join their party. Each party member has unique skills that can help you defeat zombies.

Players must be strategists, take care of their supplies and smart to survive in this hostile reality. Being able to upgrade weapons and skills is critical to success.

Will John and his team be able to defeat the zombies and take back the world? Will they survive in this apocalyptic reality? It's up to players to rise to the challenge of Zombie Massacre and fight for survival!

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