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World of Tanks: The CrayfishThe interesting and exciting mini-game "World of Tanks" is a battle of real tanks against various powerful crayfish that will try to attack your little tank with unusual ferocity. There are 10 levels in the game, with tanks ranging from the lightest to the heaviest and most powerful. In each level you have to destroy a certain number of crayfish, each of which collects honor points. At first, each shot will kill the crayfish to death, but then the crayfish will get bigger and stronger. You will have to shoot several times to kill each of them. Sometimes, after killing a certain crayfish, you can pick up a freeze bonus that will freeze all crayfish and make them immobile for a while. In the end, you expect the biggest crayfish to be very hard to defeat, but for a true tank lover, killing a shellfish will be merely a pastime.

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