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Will Hero Online
Will Hero Online

Will Hero Online - Game rules and controls

game description Will Hero Online

You will take control of a brave warrior who set off to rescue the princess. You will find yourself on an unknown island, where you will move on suspended platforms. You must be careful not to fall, otherwise you will die. Try to improve your hero regularly and collect valuable items and coins. In the chests guarded by sentries, you will find a variety of weapons that will help you fight the green squares. You'll even meet big bosses. Swords, spears or daggers from chests help to get rid of them. All characters and objects are represented in the form of cubes, each of which has its own size

You can play this online game only on a computer or laptop.

Average ratings Will Hero Online is 80/100. The game was given 10 votes. The game has now 1855 page views. The game was proposed on: 22 September 2019. Search for games with positive emotions