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Where's My Water?

Welcome to the exciting world of Where's My Water? Take on the role of a lovable crocodile named Swampy who is addicted to water. Its sole purpose is to find a way to clean and fresh water. However, his beloved mud was polluted by a nearby factory. Now Swampy must overcome numerous obstacles and solve puzzles to restore purity to his favorite mud.

In Where's My Water? your job is to guide Swampy through a maze of sewers to retrieve water. You must dig ditches, divert water and avoid dangers such as fiery obstacles and toxic substances. Use your creativity and logical thinking skills to reach the goal. Remember that time flies, so you have to be quick and smart to score as many points as possible.

Enjoy the great features of Where's My Water? Explore different levels full of surprising traps and mysterious puzzles. Unlock new characters to help you restore the water in Swampy's Mud. Get bonuses and special items that will allow you to overcome difficulties faster and easier. Perfect your skills and have fun while you help Swampy reclaim his beloved water.

Ready for adventure? Enter the world of Where's My Water? and help Swampy recover his most precious treasure. Clean water is waiting for you, and you can have a great time at the same time. Get ready for the thrills and challenges that await you in this addictive game!

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