Kizi Mizi: Wheely 8: Aliens

Wheely 8: Aliens

Wheely 8: Aliens is the latest installment in the popular series of games that takes us on an amazing journey through space. This time, Wheely, our lovable hero, has to face the greatest challenge of his life - the alien invasion of Earth!

Wheely, a little red car, wakes up one day to discover that his peaceful town has been overrun by aliens. Desperate, he decides to embark on a dangerous mission to save his friends and restore peace on Earth. Together with a loyal dog named Max, Wheely embarks on a space journey.

During his adventure, Wheely discovers that the aliens have a plan to destroy all of humanity and take over our planet. He has to overcome various obstacles, solve puzzles and discover the mysteries of the cosmos. But he's not alone as he meets new friends who help him fight the aliens.

Wheely 8: Aliens is packed with thrilling challenges and addictive levels. Players will have to navigate challenging mazes, jump on platforms and avoid traps to reach the end of each stage. There are also dynamic duels with aliens waiting for them, where they will have to show dexterity and quick reflexes.

Wheely also needs to collect various items and tools to help him fight the aliens. Each item you collect is one step closer to uncovering the aliens' plan and saving Earth. Will Wheely be able to defeat the aliens and restore peace to our planet?

Welcome to join Wheely on his space adventure in Wheely 8: Aliens. Get ready for excitement, action and extraordinary challenges that will keep you glued to the screen for hours. Is Wheely up for the job? Are you ready for this adventure? Download the game now and see for yourself!

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