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Wheely 7: Detective

Wheely 7: Detective is another part of the popular series of games about the adventures of a nice car Wheely. This time, Wheely becomes a real detective and sets out to find the lost treasure.

Wheely is known for his courage and steadfastness, so when he learned about the loss of a valuable treasure, he decided to take on this difficult mission. The player takes on the role of Wheely and explores various locations with him, solving puzzles and collecting clues.

During his adventure, Wheely discovers that a treasure has been stolen by a mysterious group of criminals. The player's task is to discover the identity of these villains and recover the treasure. As the game progresses, Wheely uncovers more information and leads that lead him closer to catching the thieves.

Wheely 7: Detective offers many exciting levels full of riddles and puzzles. The player must use his logical thinking skills and perceptiveness to solve any difficulty that stands in his way. The better the player copes with the challenges, the closer they are to discovering the identity of the thieves and recovering the treasure.

The Wheely 7: Detective game is not only a captivating story, but also refined graphics and animations that give the game an authentic feel. Players will enjoy beautiful, colorful locations and dynamic sound effects that bring Wheely's entire adventure to life.

If you are a fan of puzzle and adventure games, Wheely 7: Detective is the game to meet your expectations. Join Wheely in this suspenseful and emotional adventure and help him recover the treasure. Can you solve all the puzzles and unmask the thieves? Check it out now!

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