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Wheely 4: Time Travel

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Wheely 4: Time Travel
Wheely 4: Time Travel

Wheely 4: Time Travel - Game rules and controls

game description Wheely 4: Time Travel

Time to travel! Now you are waiting for the next portion of the adventure of a funny red car named Willy. Because of her carelessness and distraction, Wheely will always go somewhere and get stuck. In the game you can help our friend again. Today, Wheely went to his favorite cafe for a glass of oil. Then he was so relaxed and pleased that he didn't notice the pushpin on the road as he drove down the street. Wheely drove on it and punctured the tire and now has to go to the workshop. There, he not only changed the wheel but significantly improved his vehicle. Now you'll be able to drive around the city and solve exciting and challenging puzzles with amazing new ability!

The correct and enjoyable game works on a touch phone and tablet with Android and IOS. You will play without logging into the most demanding games.

Average ratings Wheely 4: Time Travel is 82/100. The game was given 28 votes. The game has now 2842 pageviews. The game was proposed on: 12 November 2018. Search for games with positive emotions