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Wheely 3

Wheely 3 is a continuation of the popular series of arcade games that takes players into the amazing adventures of a car named Wheely. This time, Wheely is drawn into a mysterious story that opens up a whole new world full of adventure and puzzles.

Wheely wakes up in a strange place where everything seems different. His beloved, beautiful red car, has been kidnapped by unknown perpetrators, and Wheely must find her. So he embarks on a dangerous journey in which numerous challenges await him.

During his mission, Wheely discovers that he must solve various puzzles and overcome obstacles to reach his beloved. In the meantime, he also meets new friends who help him in his quest.

Wheely 3 is not only an arcade game, but also an exciting story about courage and friendship. Players will have to overcome their fears and use their intelligence to help Wheely on his quest. A variety of levels await them that require combining and logical thinking.

Wheely 3 also features amazing graphics and sounds that transport players into a magical world full of colors and mystery. You can also unlock various extras and upgrades to help you overcome difficulties.

Can you help Wheely get back his beloved and solve the mystery of the mysterious world? See for yourself and play Wheely 3 now!

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