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Kizi Mizi: Water Color Sort

🕹️ Water Color Sort

Water Color Sort is an exciting puzzle game where players have to sort different colored paint drops. They play the role of an artist who must create a harmonious color palette to succeed in his art. Are you ready for the challenge?

Game mechanics: Players have at their disposal a board with different colored drops of paint that need to be sorted. There are several containers on the board that you can interact with. Each container has a specific color, and the goal is to put a drop of paint of the correct color in the correct container. Players can move paint drops to change their order or place them in a different container. But be careful not to mix the colors or you'll have to start over!

Challenges and Levels: The game offers multiple difficulty levels that gradually become more and more challenging. At first, players will only need to sort a few simple paint drops, but the further they go, the more colors and more complex layouts they will have to deal with on the board. Sometimes they will also have to consider other factors, such as a limited number of moves or time to reach their goal.

Rewards and Achievements: As players progress through the game, players will receive rewards and achievements. They can earn stars for completing a level quickly or for reaching the maximum score level. Rewards can be used to unlock new boards, additional paint colors or other elements that will diversify the gameplay.

Summary: Water Color Sort is an addictive puzzle game that allows players to develop their logical thinking and perceptive skills. Are you ready to become a master of color harmony? Try your hand at Water Color Sort and discover your artistic skills!

⏺️️Kizi and Mizi: We've played Water Color Sort 135 times and we still don't have enough!
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