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Vive le Roi

Vive le Roi is an exciting arcade game set during the French Revolution. You play the role of a mysterious hero whose goal is to save King Louis XVI and prevent his execution. In this perilous journey through Paris, you will have to confront revolutionary soldiers, solve puzzles and overcome numerous obstacles to regain freedom for the king and restore order to the country.

Your mission begins in the dark streets of Paris, where you must avoid patrols and hide from enemies. Using your arcade skills, you'll have to jump, run and climb walls to avoid traps and obstacles. Each day as time passes, the king's execution is imminent, so you must act quickly and cunningly to save him.

During your journey you will meet various characters that can help you on your mission. You will have to collect clues and solve puzzles to uncover mysteries and secrets that will help you in your fight for the king's freedom. Can you overcome all the obstacles and save the king from execution? Time is running out and the future of France depends on your actions.

Vive le Roi is a game that combines dynamic action, arcade challenges and a fascinating story. Are you ready to lead the French revolution and make history? Get ready for unforgettable adventures and discover the true face of the French Revolution in this exciting game.

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