Kizi Mizi: Vex 3

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Vex 3 is an amazing platformer that will surely appeal to all lovers of arcade games. This addictive game offers many levels that require the player not only speed and precision, but also cunning and patience.

In Vex 3 you play as a small, agile man who has to go through many dangerous levels full of obstacles and traps. Your task is to complete each stage, collecting coins and avoiding hazards along the way.

Vex 3 has many different levels that require you to constantly jump, run, climb and avoid obstacles. You need to be very skillful and fast to get through all the stages and score as many points as possible.

Vex 3 is not only great fun, but also a great exercise for your mind. Because you must not only act quickly and precisely, but also think strategically and plan your moves.

If you like challenges and are not afraid of difficult levels, play Vex 3 today! This addictive game will definitely not let you get bored, and will also improve your dexterity and logical skills.

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