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Unikitty Save the Kingdom

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Unikitty Save the Kingdom
Unikitty Save the Kingdom

Unikitty Save the Kingdom - Game rules and controls

game description Unikitty Save the KingdomMaster Dark, along with other villains, attacked the kingdom of Unikitti. All the inhabitants of the merry kingdom had to leave their houses and panicked in different directions. You must save everyone! In Kitty Rożek: In defense of the Kingdom, you will face a dangerous and risky rescue mission with Kicia Rożek, Piesio Rożek, packed with Orłodyl and Dr Lisiczka. This team will beat each level in turn. Each of them has a great attack and special skills that will help you deal with all enemies and villains. The rescue team will review every corner of the kingdom - from dark mysterious caves to a fun, eternal amusement park. At each level you need to collect sparking substances and find a certain number of inhabitants. Become a hero and restore order in the kingdom!

You can play this online game only on a computer or laptop.

Average ratings Unikitty Save the Kingdom is 88/100. The game was given 174 votes. The game has now 7417 page views. The game was proposed on: 12 December 2018. Search for games with positive emotions