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Troy Solitaire

Troy Solitaire

Welcome to Troy Solitaire Online! It's time to embark on an amazing journey to ancient Troy, where fascinating adventures and challenges await you. Are you ready to be the hero of this story?

You take on the role of Odysseus, a brave warrior who must save his beloved Helena, kidnapped by the sinister king of Troy. Your task is to overcome all obstacles on the way to free her.

To succeed, you must apply your skills in the Solitaire card game. Each level of the game is a new challenge that you must overcome by arranging the cards in the correct order. The better you complete the task, the better your chances of saving Helena.

As you play, you can earn points and unlock new cards and bonuses that will help you in more difficult times. Remember that time is your enemy, so you have to act quickly and wisely.

Troy Solitaire is not only a puzzle game, but also full of engaging storylines. As you play, you will uncover the mysteries of the ancient world of Troy and meet a variety of characters who will help you on your quest.

Are you ready for the adventure of a lifetime? Can you save Helena and defeat the sinister king of Troy? Join Troy Solitaire now and put your skills to the test!

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