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Tripod Attack

Tripod Attack is a game about the exciting adventure of three space tripods who came to Earth from distant galaxies. Their mission is to destroy all the buildings on the planet so they can build their own base.

The player takes the role of one of the tripods and has to destroy as many buildings as possible within a certain time. Each level is full of challenges, such as avoiding traps and fighting human soldiers.

Tripod Attack offers many interesting features, such as developing your tripod by gaining experience points and unlocking new skills. The player can also use various weapons such as laser cannons and rockets to destroy buildings and defeat opponents.

The game contains many levels that become increasingly difficult and the opponents become more sophisticated. As the player gains experience points, they can upgrade their tripod to become even stronger and better suited to fight against human soldiers.

Tripod Attack is a game that will provide hours of fun and excitement. Play as a space tripod and take over the Earth!

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