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Tiny Alien

Welcome to the fascinating world of Tiny Alien! Take on the role of a small space creature who has landed on a mysterious planet full of dangers and mysteries. Your goal is to save your spaceship that has crashed on the planet's surface.

Experience exciting adventures in each of the five different worlds that await you. Go through trap-filled mazes, defeat enemies and collect valuable artifacts that will help you repair your ship.

Your hero has the ability to shapeshift, which allows him to move in hard-to-reach places. Use this skill to discover new paths and solve the puzzles that stand in your way.

Improve your skills and gain new cosmic powers to help you overcome increasingly difficult challenges. Collect enough cosmic energy to unlock new skills and become a true hero of the galaxy.

Can you repair the ship and return to your planet? Will you discover all the secrets this mysterious planet holds? See for yourself and start your Tiny Alien adventure now!

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