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The Expendables 3: Deploy & Destroy

The Expendables 3: Deploy & Destroy is an addictive action game that will take you to the world of dangerous missions and exciting challenges. Take on the role of a member of an elite military unit and face the dangers that lurk at every step.

Your goal is to carry out successful special missions, eliminate enemies and protect the innocent. The game offers you a variety of environments, from city streets to wild jungles, where you will have to use your tactical and strategic skills to achieve success.

In The Expendables 3: Deploy & Destroy you can count on support from other unit members with whom you will have to cooperate to achieve the mission goals. Each hero has unique skills and equipment that you can use to gain an advantage over your opponent.

The game also offers the opportunity to customize your hero by selecting the appropriate weapons, armor and equipment that suits your play style. Additionally, during missions you will be able to gain experience points and develop your hero's skills, which will allow you to become an even more effective soldier.

In The Expendables 3: Deploy & Destroy you have to be ready for anything. Get ready for intense fights, mysterious missions and constant challenges that will await you during the game. Can you meet this challenge and become a legendary soldier?

See if you have what it takes to survive and win in the world of The Expendables 3: Deploy & Destroy. Action, adrenaline and unforgettable experiences are waiting for you that will make you feel like a real hero.

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