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Tesla Defense 2

Tesla Defense 2 is a game that takes players into the world created by Nikole Tesla himself. His brilliant minds constructed dozens of machines to protect people from enemy attacks. However, as time passes, new dangers threaten humanity and only you can help protect civilization.

As a player, you will have a variety of tools at your disposal to protect your base from the constant attacks of enemies. Your arsenal will include plasma cannons, electromagnets and tesla towers, among others. All this to protect your base from hostile forces that will constantly try to conquer it.

Tesla Defense 2 is a game where speed and agility are key. You must make decisions in the blink of an eye that will protect your base from threat. Remember that each successive playthrough will increase the difficulty level and your skills will be put to the test.

Players will have many different levels at their disposal, each designed in a way that will require you to use different strategies. In addition, the game also has a variety of game modes that will certainly allow you to play longer and more complicated games.

There are plenty of challenges and dangers waiting for you in Tesla Defense 2, but don't worry. With every minute you spend in the game, your skills will grow and you'll get better and better at protecting your base from enemy attacks. This time, you are humanity's last hope, so don't let us down and do your best!

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