Kizi Mizi: Tasty Planet

Tasty Planet

Tasty Planet is an addictive game in which you play the role of a small ball capable of swallowing everything in its path. Your goal is to grow and evolve, starting from swallowing the food on the table to consuming entire cities and even planets! This dynamic game offers not only extraordinary entertainment, but also a gripping plot that will keep you engaged for many hours.

In Tasty Planet the rules are simple - move your ball around the board to swallow various objects and become bigger and bigger. At first you will swallow food such as fruits and vegetables, but as you progress you will be able to eat larger and larger objects such as toys, furniture and even people! The more you swallow, the bigger you are and the larger objects you can swallow. But be careful - there are also obstacles such as traps and dangerous objects that can destroy you.

In Tasty Planet many different levels and challenges await you. Explore various locations, from the kitchen and garden to cities and space areas. Each level offers unique items to devour and unique obstacles to avoid. Score as many points as possible to unlock new levels and discover the secrets hidden inside the game.

If you are ready for an extraordinary adventure in which you control a growing ball that can absorb everything in its path, then Tasty Planet is the game for you. Get ready for exciting challenges, addictive gameplay and unforgettable experiences. Are you ready to become the biggest ball in the universe? Play Tasty Planet and see for yourself!

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