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Swords & Souls: A Soul Adventure

Train on the training ground and strengthen your combat skills to make your hero a champion, develop his skills so that he can fight for great glory in the arena of heroes. By winning the fight you get money, you can use it to upgrade your skills or weapons. The game has nice graphics, smooth textures with calm colors. The fights take place automatically, the player just needs to use the skills. You can buy upgrades for weapons and uniforms, the player earns money by fighting in the arena by killing various enemies. The most important thing in the game is training, without it your character will be very weak, no matter how he dresses. You have to train with the mouse and keyboard by completing various tasks, such as throwing objects flying at the player or slicing fruit with a sword. You have to be like a real gladiator, ruthless for your rival. The only thing that counts in the arena is you and your mighty sword, with which you will send troubled souls to the afterlife!

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