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Sweet Candy Mania

Sweet Candy Mania is an addictive puzzle game that takes players to a magical world full of delicious sweets. There are challenges, puzzles and many levels to overcome.

Players must match candys into lines, columns or groups to earn points and achieve goals in each level. The morecandies they manage to match, the bigger prizes they win.

In Sweet Candy Mania there are many different levels where players must be perceptive and think quickly to succeed. Each level is full of colorfulcandiesthat need to be matched in a specific way.

To achieve a goal in a given level, players must collect a certain number of points in a certain number of moves. They can also earn additional bonuses and specialcombos that will help them achieve success faster.

The Sweet Candy Mania game also offers the opportunity to compete with other players via a leaderboard. Players can compare their achievements with other players and strive to take first place.

The entire game is designed with colorful and eye-pleasing graphics that attract players' attention and make them want to return to this magical world of sweets.

Sweet Candy Mania is the perfect game for lovers of puzzles and logical mobile games. Thanks to simple rules, colorful graphics and addictive gameplay, everyone can feel like a real candy matching master.

Can you beat all the levels and become the Sweet Candy Mania champion? Test your skills and immerse yourself in the magical world of sweets now!

⏺️️Kizi and Mizi: We've played Sweet Candy Mania 5947 times and we still don't have enough!
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