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Super World Adventure

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Super World Adventure
Super World Adventure

Super World Adventure - Game rules and controls

game description Super World AdventureYou have 100 levels and 4 worlds to choose from in an exciting platform game like Mario Bross. Jump and run while watching out for the guards patrolling the area. You can bypass or stun them by simply jumping over their heads. Scattered around the game world are crown coins that you can collect, as well as special gold bricks. Some of them, marked with the capital letter M, hitting the head from below, allows the discovery of additional coins or special objects. Your task, just like in the classic Mario game, is to reach the flag that appears at the end of each level.

The correct and enjoyable game works on a touch phone and tablet with Android and IOS. You will play without logging into the most demanding games.

Average ratings Super World Adventure is 56/100. The game was given 9 votes. The game has now 3052 pageviews. The game was proposed on: 27 November 2018. Search for games with positive emotions