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Kizi Mizi: Super Metal Wars

🕹️ Super Metal Wars

Super Metal Wars is a dynamic strategy game that will provide you with hours of unforgettable entertainment. Take on the role of the commander of a powerful army of high-tech war machines and destroy the enemy forces!

The rules of the game are simple: your task is to defeat the enemies and gain control of the area. You have a variety of units at your disposal, including tanks, helicopters, combat robots and many more. Each of the units has its own unique characteristics and abilities that you can use to achieve victory.

The game consists of several levels of difficulty, which allows you to adjust the level of challenge to your skills. In addition to the single player mode, there is also a multiplayer option, so you can compete with your friends or other players online.

Super Metal Wars also offers a variety of maps for you to play your battles on. Each of them has its own specific characteristics, which requires you to adapt your tactics to the situation on the battlefield.

The game also offers an extensive unit development system and the ability to customize their equipment to your preferences. Thanks to this, you can create a unique army that will be able to meet any challenge.

If you like strategies and are not afraid of challenges, Super Metal Wars is the game for you! See if you can become an invincible commander and gain control of the area.

⏺️️Kizi and Mizi: We've played Super Metal Wars 878 times and we still don't have enough!
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