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Super Mario Run 2

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Super Mario Run 2
Super Mario Run 2

Super Mario Run 2 - Game rules and controls

game description Super Mario Run 2

Join Mario, traveling through three different worlds to save the princess and the whole world. Collect coins, perform stylish jumps in the air and avoid deadly obstacles to reach the goal. Buy new costumes for the money you earn and be sure to find the princess.

The correct and enjoyable game works on a touch phone and tablet with Android and IOS. You will play without logging into the most demanding games.

Game rules and controls:
Click to jump
Hold the button to slow down the fall

Average ratings Super Mario Run 2 is 80/100. The game was given 5 votes. The game has now 1712 page views. The game was proposed on: 11 March 2020. Search for games with positive emotions