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Super Color Lines

Super Color Lines is a dynamic puzzle game where players must use their strategic skills and perceptiveness to solve various puzzles and achieve the highest scores.

In the world of Super Color Lines, a mysterious magician named Merlin has created a magical board that is full of colored lines. Each color represents a different energy that is necessary to keep the kingdom in balance. However, one day, a powerful evil force named Morbok decided to destroy this balance by stealing all the colors from the board.

Super Color Lines takes place in a maze where players must connect colored balls to recreate magic lines and restore balance. Each level of the game offers different challenges such as a limited number of moves, timed traps and blockages that make it difficult to access the line. Players must think fast and plan their moves to find the most effective strategies and defeat any opponent.

Players will also encounter characters with different abilities as they travel. For example, Hilda, the wise fairy, can help you discover hidden lines, while Bruno, the powerful magician, can help you eliminate obstacles. Players must collect magical items and gain experience to unlock new characters and abilities that will help them fight the Morbok and restore harmony to the kingdom.

Super Color Lines also offers a multiplayer mode where players can compete against each other online or locally. They can create their own tournaments, compete for high scores and prove that they are masters at restoring colors on the board.

Can you restore balance to the kingdom? Can you defeat the Morbok and unlock all magical powers? Join Super Color Lines and discover a magical world full of colors and challenges!

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