Kizi Mizi: Street Art

Street Art

Street Art: A game about street art

Take on the role of a young street artist who dreams of becoming famous and recognized as the creator of street art. Your goal is to discover hidden places where you can create your works of art.

Challenge the streets

Roam the city in search of the perfect places to paint. Gather inspiration, chat with other street artists, and learn about art history. Each new discovery allows you to develop your skills.

Discover the secrets of the city

During your journey, you'll come across mysterious graffiti that lead you to hidden corners of the city. Discover what lies behind these enigmatic signs and what story they tell. Solve puzzles and get clues that will help you reach new places.

Create your masterpieces

Once you've discovered the perfect spot, use your imagination and skills to create a real masterpiece of street art. Use different techniques, use colors and forms to express your emotions and convey your message.

Get fame and recognition

Playing Street Art gives you the chance to become a famous street artist. Your works may end up in galleries, and you may gain recognition both in the art world and among other street artists. The more people see your work, the greater your chance of fame.


Street Art is a simple yet addictive game that puts you in the shoes of a street artist. Use your imagination and skills to explore the city, create masterpieces and become famous. Can you become the most famous street artist in history?

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