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Stickman Punch
Stickman Punch

Stickman Punch - Game rules and controls

game description Stickman Punch

Time to show up in action! In the game "Stickman Punch" you will play a cool warrior. Stickman studied ancient martial arts techniques for many years. This made him a strong, resilient and dangerous opponent. Now our hero is ready to fight the ubiquitous evil. You will be taken to the battle arena, where enemies will attack you. Trained warriors will attack from all sides and will try to surprise you many times. The true warrior you are, this tactic will only inspire you into strategic battle. Focus and don't miss the opportunity to destroy every enemy. You will receive the souls of fallen warriors and you can buy new weapons for them. If at the beginning you will fight with your bare hands and then accumulate the necessary amount, you will be able to wield the sword, ax or machete. Let all enemies tremble at your Stickman blow!

The correct and enjoyable game works on a touch phone and tablet with Android and IOS. You will play without logging into the most demanding games.

Average ratings Stickman Punch is 50/100. The game was given 2 votes. The game has now 2089 page views. The game was proposed on: 15 November 2018. Search for games with positive emotions