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Stalker: A psychological approach to the game

Entering the world of Stalker, prepare yourself for an unforgettable psychological experience. This innovative game combines a fascinating storyline with unique mechanics to immerse you in a dark and dangerous post-apocalyptic world.

Experience the thrill of Stalker

Stalker is a game that focuses on the psychological aspects of survival. Playing the role of a survivor in a post-apocalyptic landscape, you will have to face not only external threats, but also your own fears and traumas. Your decisions will affect the development of the plot and the fate of the character, which makes the experience extremely personal and engaging.

Discover the secrets of the Zone

There are many mysteries to discover in Stalker's open world. Immerse yourself in the dark atmosphere and explore the secrets of the Zona - a mysterious area that emerged after a nuclear disaster. You will meet various characters who will support you or try to manipulate your emotions. Can you trust other stalkers? Are you deluded by delusions? Your decisions will have consequences that shape both the game world and your own experience.

Survive in a dangerous world

In the world of Stalker, it's not only the fight against mutations that is dangerous. You also need to take care of your mental health. Your progress in the game affects the mental condition of the hero, and bad decisions can lead to loss of health and ability to function. You must manage stress, take care of your needs and take appropriate action to survive in this brutal and hostile world.


Stalker is a game that takes players into the dark and dangerous world of the post-apocalypse, offering not only an immersive storyline, but also an emotional experience. Dare to this challenge and unravel the mysteries of the Zone, making difficult decisions and facing your own fears. Are you ready for this psychological journey?

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