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Snake Blocks and Numbers

Snake Blocks and Numbers is an original game that delights from the very first moment. Its unique gameplay and addictive levels will take you to a world full of challenges and fun.

Snake Blocks and Numbers combines the classic snake game with number-based puzzles. Your task is to guide the snake through the maze, collecting blocks that have numbers on them along the way. Your goal is to arrange the blocks so that the sum of the numbers on them is equal to the number on the end block.

There are many intriguing puzzles and challenges waiting for you in each level that will make you think and plan. You must use your intuition and logical skills to succeed and advance to the next level.

Snake Blocks and Numbers offers not only interesting gameplay, but also amazing graphics and great music that adds even more excitement to the game.

If you like challenges and like to mix different game genres, then Snake Blocks and Numbers is for you! Get ready for many hours of fun and development of your mind. Play now and see how addictive this game can be!

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