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Smarty Bubbles:  X-MAS EDITION

Smarty Bubbles: X-MAS EDITION is a magical game that takes us to a festive world full of snowmen, bells and twinkling lights. We play the role of Santa, who has to clear the field of colorful bubbles to prepare gifts for children for Christmas.

Our task is to shoot bubbles by creating groups of three or more balls of the same color. The more bubbles you remove with one shot, the more points you get. But beware! We have to be quick and precise because the bubbles are moving faster and faster and time is limited. Our skills and reflexes will be crucial to achieve the highest possible score.

As we progress through the game, we discover various bonuses that will help us in our mission. We can find magic bells that make all bubbles of the same color disappear, or snowflakes that freeze time for a moment. These bonuses are crucial to get high scores and progress to levels that are getting harder and harder.

Not only do we have to be good at shooting bubbles, but we also have to be tactical. Let's plan our moves and analyze the arrangement of balls on the board. Sometimes you have to take risks to achieve bigger combos and score more points. Our decisions can affect our score and progress in the game.

In Smarty Bubbles: X-MAS EDITION we can also compete with other players around the world. We can check our results and ranking, which adds an additional element of competition and motivation to achieve the best result.

Playing this addictive and magical game, we spend time in a festive atmosphere and get into the festive mood. Smarty Bubbles: X-MAS EDITION is a great entertainment for the whole family that will allow us to relax and enjoy the winter time. Can we get the highest score and get all the presents ready on time? Play now and see for yourself!

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