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Kizi Mizi: Skibidi Toilet Survival

Skibidi Toilet Survival

Skibidi Toilet Survival

In Skibidi Toilet Survival you play as a brave daredevil trapped in a magical but dangerous toilet. The main goal is to survive and escape from this extraordinary place.

Your task is to overcome various obstacles and challenges that will stand in your way. You'll need to be quick and dexterous to dodge the darts released by the mysterious toilet statues and avoid the powerful jets of water that can suddenly squirt out of the bowl.

To survive, you'll need to collect power-ups to help you in battle. From time to time you will also encounter friendly characters who will be happy to help you escape. However, you must not forget about time - you must be quick before you are trapped forever!

Skibidi Toilet Survival offers many different levels, each level getting harder and harder. Can you make it through all the stages and escape from this bizarre place? Don't wait any longer and test your skills in this action-packed and fun game!

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