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In Shards, players are transported to a magical world where their mission is to find and unite the scattered pieces of a mystical crystal. Playing the role of the hero, they have to travel through various locations, overcoming numerous obstacles and enemies in order to regain all the power of the crystal.

Shards is a game with an engaging storyline that provides an unforgettable experience. During the adventure, players will have the opportunity to discover the secrets of ancient ruins, meet magical creatures and gain powerful skills that will help them in their fight to recover the crystal.

In Shards, scattered pieces of crystal are the key to success. Players will need to find and unlock different fragments that, when combined together, will restore the power of the crystal. Each piece is hidden in a different location, requiring you to explore and solve puzzles to get them.

On their journey, players will face many challenges. Enemies who want the power of the crystal for themselves will try to stop them. Fighting them will require dexterity, strategy and skillful use of the various skills that the hero has acquired during the adventure.

Shards is also a game that surprises with its graphics and sound. Beautiful, colorful locations and epic music create a unique atmosphere that draws players in from the first moments of the game. Every scene and sound has been carefully designed to create an amazing visual and audio experience.

Can you find all the scattered pieces of the crystal and restore it to its former power? Enter the magical world of Shards and see for yourself!

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