Kizi Mizi: School Bus Game Driving Sim

School Bus Game Driving Sim

School Bus Game Driving Sim is an addictive simulation game in which you play the role of a school bus driver. Your task is to transport students to school and back, overcoming various difficulties and challenges along the way.

In School Bus Game Driving Sim you can enjoy the realistic experience of driving a school bus as you improve your driving skills and cope with various weather and traffic conditions.

The game offers many different missions in which you have to deliver students to school on time, avoiding obstacles and keeping the bus in perfect technical condition. In addition, you can also explore the open city map, discovering new routes and places.

As a school bus driver, you must be alert and careful, ensuring the safety of your passengers and obeying traffic regulations. In School Bus Game Driving Sim you can experience realistic situations such as road accidents, vehicle breakdowns or traffic jams.

The game also offers the ability to customize and upgrade your bus, allowing for a more personalized and exciting experience. You can change the appearance and equipment of the bus to better meet the challenges on the road.

School Bus Game Driving Sim is not only a school bus driving simulation, but also an exciting game that will make you feel like a real driver. Will you be able to transport all the students on time and reach their destination safely? Test your skills and play now!

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