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Save The Cowboy

In "Save The Cowboy" you will play the role of a brave sheriff who must save his friend - a cowboy. A sinister bandit has kidnapped him and locked him in his stronghold, and now it's up to you to free him and stop the villain from spreading further chaos in the Wild West.

Your hero will have to overcome many obstacles and dangers on his way. You have to navigate through a variety of levels full of dangerous traps and enemies to reach the bandit's stronghold. You will have various weapons at your disposal, such as revolvers, shotguns and dynamite, which will help you defeat your opponents and open your way to the goal. But be careful, time flies and your friend is in danger!

During your adventure, you will have to show reflexes, precision and strategy. Dodge enemy bullets, jump over chasms and collect bonuses that will give you extra power and abilities. Remember that only you can save the cowboy and restore order to the Wild West!

In "Save The Cowboy" you will experience an amazing mix of thrilling action, gripping storyline and great graphics. Will you be able to overcome all the challenges, free your friend and overthrow the bandit? Get ready for an unforgettable adventure in the Wild West!

Go to the Wild West to save your cowboy friend in "Save The Cowboy" - the most addictive action game of the year!

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