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Santa Ran

Santa Ran is an addictive game in which you play the role of Santa Claus and run through snowdrifts, presenting gifts to children. The game offers an extraordinary adventure in which you have to react quickly and avoid obstacles to deliver the gifts on time.

The game consists of several levels, each becoming more difficult and demanding. You'll need to be agile to avoid the ice traps and collect extra points. Each level provides new challenges and provides an unforgettable experience.

Your goal is to reach every house on Santa's list and deliver a gift. You must run and jump quickly to avoid dangers and make it before dawn.

During the Santa Ran game, you must collect special bonuses that will help you reach your goal. Extra lives, jumps and acceleration will allow you to move better around the board and avoid traps.

The game offers addictive gameplay and provides an incredible dose of adrenaline. You need to be alert and agile to meet all the challenges.

Play Santa Ran and feel the magic of Christmas and the joy of delivering gifts! Be Santa Claus for a moment and make sure that every child receives their dream gift.

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