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Run Ninja Run 3

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Run Ninja Run 3
Run Ninja Run 3

Run Ninja Run 3 - Game rules and controls

game description Run Ninja Run 3Game "Run Ninja Run 3" - a continuation of the famous series of games about the brave ninja who loves to run very much. This time our brave hero whistled seductively at the noble princess who was just escorted to the palace, but it did not like the protection of the princess and began to prosecute our Ninja for libel. Now he must escape, overcoming many obstacles in his path, and also to escape from the guards as far as possible. While running, you can collect gold bars and spend them on upgrading your spy. In addition, you can buy weapons, smoke bombs and more in the store. Run forward like a real ninja, jump, slide and eliminate enemies. Use your shield and throw smoke bombs. Run and have fun!

You can play this online game only on a computer or laptop.

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