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Royal Story

There is peace and harmony in the kingdom of Eldoria. King Alfred and Queen Isabella rule justly, caring for the welfare of their subjects. However, one day, during the coronation ceremony, the castle is attacked by a mysterious evil force that has kidnapped the queen. King Alfred, desperate, promises a reward to anyone who finds and frees his beloved wife.

Take on the role of a hero named Edward, a young knight who dreams of great adventures. When he learns about the kidnapping of Queen Isabella, he decides to take on this dangerous task. Arriving at the castle, Edward discovers that a mysterious evil force is a witch named Morgana who wants to take over the entire kingdom.

Morgana has a magical crown in her possession that gives her unimaginable power. Edward must find and collect three magical artifacts scattered throughout the kingdom in order to face the witch. On his journey, he meets various characters who help him in his quest. These include a wise magician named Merlin who knows the secrets of ancient runes, and the beautiful Princess Eliza who is a skilled archer.

Royal Story is an adventurous and mysterious game where players must solve puzzles, collect items and fight enemies. Each challenge they face brings them closer to discovering another artifact. The further in the game, the stronger Edward's abilities become, until he is finally ready to take on Morgana and free Queen Isabella.

Can you defeat the witch and restore peace to the kingdom of Eldoria? Will Edward become a true hero who will fulfill his dreams of adventure and glory? Play Royal Story and discover it for yourself!

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