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Riddle Transfer

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Riddle Transfer
Riddle Transfer

Riddle Transfer - Game rules and controls

Your spaceship has crashed, you have been forced to land on a nearby planet, it turns out that it is inhabited by an intelligent race called people. Together with other friends, you were intercepted by men in black and placed in a secret Earth laboratory called zone 51. You must get out of this strictly protected unit and find the remaining travel companions. Riddle Transfer is another addictive point-and-click adventure game in which the main goal is to escape! Find hidden objects and use tools to escape from this strange object.

You can play this online game only on a computer or laptop.

Game rules and controls:

Average ratings Riddle Transfer is 100/100. The game was given 8 votes. The game has now 1617 page views. The game was proposed on: 27 June 2018. Search for games with positive emotions