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Kizi Mizi: Red & Green 3

🕹️ Red & Green 3

Red & Green 3 - a new installment of a great puzzle game!

Welcome to the world of Red & Green, where the main characters are two characters: a red and a green block. In the third part of the game, there are even more challenges and puzzles to solve.

Test your perceptiveness and logic skills!

In Red & Green 3 we have to help our heroes reach the exit, and the way to it is filled with obstacles and traps. Our task is to move the blocks and change their color to overcome each obstacle.

Play Red & Green 3 and develop your skills!

Red & Green 3 is fun for all ages. Thanks to it, we develop our perceptiveness, strategic thinking and logical skills. In addition, nice graphics and a friendly interface make the game even more addictive.

Download Red & Green 3 now and enter the world of puzzle fun!

We invite you to download Red & Green 3 and test your skills. Great fun guaranteed!

⏺️️Kizi and Mizi: We've played Red & Green 3 1963 times and we still don't have enough!
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