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Red Ball 4 Vol. 1

Red Ball 4 Vol. 1 is an addictive platform game where you play as a red ball as it defends its world from sinister squares. Your task is to travel through dangerous levels, defeat enemies and uncover mysterious puzzles to save your friends.

The action takes place in a picturesque land where beautiful meadows, forests and mountains hide dark secrets. Everything was fine until one day bad squares came along and started turning everything into a grey, lifeless place. Red ball, the last hope, embarks on a dangerous mission to restore the world to its former glory.

To progress through each level you have to solve all sorts of logic puzzles and avoid traps set by bad squares. Your red ball can jump, roll and bounce off walls, allowing you to survive in a harsh world. Defeat your opponents, collect coins and discover new skills that will help you in your fight against the forces of evil.

As you progress, you discover mysterious portals that take you to new lands full of challenges. From freezing icy dungeons to hot volcanic caves, each location has its own dangers and puzzles to solve. Are you ready to face and defeat the most dangerous foes to restore the world to balance?

Red Ball 4 Vol. 1 is a game that will give you hours of fun and excitement. Can you save your friends and defeat the evil squares? Only you can change the fate of this magical world. Take control of the red ball and start your adventure now!

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