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Ranger vs Zombies

Ranger vs Zombies - Slay hordes of zombies and save the world!

In Ranger vs Zombies, you will take on the role of a brave ranger who stands up for humanity against the dangerous hordes of zombies. Your goal is to survive as long as possible and cleanse the world of this plague.

Fight different types of zombies

In the game you will encounter different types of zombies, each of them a challenge in itself. From fast and agile zombies to huge and powerful beasts, you need to be ready for any opponent. Use your skills and tactical thinking to defeat them all.

Upgrade your skills and equipment

While fighting zombies, earn experience points and gold that you can use to upgrade your skills and buy better equipment. From more powerful weapons to increasing attack speed and power, the decisions are yours. Remember to properly manage your resources to be ready for any situation.

Explore a variety of locations

In the game you have the opportunity to explore various locations, from abandoned cities to mysterious forests. Each location offers unique challenges and rewards. Be alert and always ready for unexpected zombie attacks.

Collaborate with other players

If you feel that fighting zombies is too difficult for you alone, join a team of other players. Work together to defeat stronger opponents and earn even better rewards. Remember that unity is strength!


Ranger vs Zombies is a dynamic and addictive online game that will make you feel like a real hero. Battle hordes of zombies, upgrade your skills and work together with other players to reclaim the world from the zombie curse. Are you ready for this challenge?

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