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Rabbit Zombie Defense

"Rabbit Zombie Defense" is an addictive game that grabs your attention from the first minute. You play as a rabbit who has to defend his farm from a zombie invasion. Your task is to build a base, hire soldiers and develop your strategic skills to defeat the hordes of undead.

With a variety of game modes, "Rabbit Zombie Defense" guarantees hours of fun. You can play the campaign mode where you have to progress through multiple levels and defeat bosses, or choose the survival mode where your goal is to survive as long as possible in the face of an increasing number of enemies.

Importantly, the game offers many opportunities for character development. You can upgrade your skills, buy new weapons and use special skills to increase your chance of victory.

"Rabbit Zombie Defense" is also a game that combines elements of strategy and tower defense. You must skillfully manage your resources and build defensive towers to stop the invaders. In addition, the game offers many interesting locations and opponents that make the gameplay never boring.

If you like games that require not only reflexes but also strategy and planning, then "Rabbit Zombie Defense" is the game for you. Great graphics, an interesting storyline and a lot of character development options make this game worth your attention. Download it now and enter the fight against hordes of zombies!

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