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Pyramid Solitaire - Ancient Egypt

Immerse yourself in the mysterious world of Pyramid Solitaire - Ancient Egypt, where ancient hieroglyphs and monumental pyramids are not only decoration, but also inspiration for this classic card game. Travel back in time, discovering the secrets of the pharaohs while facing the challenges presented by this fascinating version of Solitaire.

In Pyramid Solitaire - Ancient Egypt Your task is to remove all cards from the pyramid by selecting pairs of cards that add up to a value of thirteen. The kings are removed one at a time because they already have a value of thirteen. Aces are worth one, jacks are worth eleven, and queens are worth twelve. The remaining cards have values ​​corresponding to their numbers. This variation of Solitaire is not only a test of luck, but also of strategic planning and prediction skills.

In Pyramid Solitaire - Ancient Egypt you will find not only the classic gameplay of popular card games, but also adventure elements that add depth to the experience. With each completed level, you will discover more elements of ancient Egypt, which will bring you closer to solving the riddles of the pharaohs. Your progress will be rewarded with magical artifacts and treasures that give the game extra motivation.

The addictive challenge of Pyramid Solitaire - Ancient Egypt has been designed to entertain both experienced players and novices. Simple rules and an intuitive interface allow you to quickly master the game, and the variety of difficulty levels guarantees that everyone will find something for themselves. For those who like competition, there is the opportunity to gain a place on theglobal leaderboardwhere players from all over the world can compare their results.

Discover Pyramid Solitaire - Ancient Egypt and relax among the desert sands while solving puzzles that have survived centuries. Will you join the group of lovers of this game and become a solitaire master in ancient Egypt? Test your skills today!

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