Kizi Mizi: Puppy Puzzle Time

Puppy Puzzle Time

Welcome to the Puppy Puzzle Time online game! Enjoy great fun solving puzzles with cute puppies. This simple yet addictive puzzle game will keep you entertained for hours.

In Puppy Puzzle Time, your goal is to complete puzzles with different pictures of puppies. You must carefully watch how all the pieces fit together to recreate the complete picture.

The game consists of different levels of difficulty that increase gradually. You will be faced with simple puzzles at first, but the further you go in the game, the more challenging the tasks become.

To start the game, simply select the difficulty level and select the picture of the puppy you want to assemble. Then you'll be able to drag and drop the puzzle pieces into the right places.

Remember that time is limited! You have to act fast to score as many points as possible. The shorter the time to complete the puzzle, the better your score.

In Puppy Puzzle Time you can also get bonuses for solving puzzles quickly. These bonuses will help you earn extra points and advance to higher difficulty levels.

Invite your friends to play and compete together for the best scores. Create your own tournaments and see who is the best at solving puzzles with puppies.

Puppy Puzzle Time is the perfect game for animal lovers and logic puzzle fans. Get ready for a lot of excitement and joy when you complete the last puzzle piece and see a cute picture of a puppy.

Are you up for the challenge? Play Puppy Puzzle Time now and have fun!

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