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Pretty Dolphin Care

Pretty Dolphin Care is an addictive game that will take you on an amazing journey into the magical world of dolphins. You will take on the role of a dolphin keeper who is sent to a mysterious island to take care of the beautiful creatures.

It's your job to keep the dolphins healthy and happy. You have to feed them every day, provide them with appropriate living conditions and teach them various tricks. The better you take care of it, the more the dolphins will love and obey you.

During the game you will face various challenges. Some dolphins can be sickly and you will have to find the right medicine to help them. Others may be dissatisfied with their living conditions and will need new attractions to increase their satisfaction.

As you develop your caretaker skills, you'll be able to explore more parts of the island and meet new dolphins with different abilities. You'll be able to train them to become masters of a variety of tricks that will delight the audience during the shows.

Pretty Dolphin Care also offers the opportunity to compete with other players. You can take part in tournaments where your dolphins will have to show what they can do and score as many points as possible. The better your scores, the more rewards you can get.

Get ready for an exciting journey into the magical world of dolphins, where your care and skill will be the key to success. Are you ready to become the ultimate dolphin caretaker in Pretty Dolphin Care?

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