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Kizi Mizi: Poligon Dash - Geometry

🕹️ Poligon Dash - Geometry

In the game Poligon Dash - Geometry, you play the role of a small geometric shape that sets off on an extraordinary adventure through various polygons. Your goal is to overcome the difficulties and reach the end of each level, avoiding obstacles and collecting as many points as possible.

Your geometric hero has the ability to move along the edges of the polygons, jumping from one to the other as if you were part of their structure. You must be fast and agile to avoid obstacles such as blades, chasms and other hazards that may cause you to lose health points.

During the game you will have the opportunity to earn bonuses and power-ups that will help you survive and earn more points. You can earn coins that will allow you to unlock new characters and additional levels. Each level is different and full of challenges, so you won't get bored while traveling through various training grounds.

Poligon Dash - Geometry offers addictive gameplay in which you have to use your skills of observation, reflexes and precision. Will you manage to reach the end of each level and become a polygon master? Get ready for an exciting adventure in the world of geometric shapes and test your skills in Poligon Dash - Geometry now!

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